Kids Beading Party

Choose Firefly for your child's next Birthday Party!

Scheduling your child's party at with us:

We charge $75 (paid at the time of reservation) for the room rental which is hosted in the back of the shop.

  • Parties are scheduled in 2 hour blocks. Reservations need to be made at least 2 weeks in advance, if possible. Parties are typically held on Saturday starting at 6 PM or Sunday, anywhere from 10 AM - 6 PM. We can make exceptions for other days if needed! Please allow up to 48 hours for date confirmation.

Each beader is an additional $20/person, due the day of the party. Please keep in mind that we can only allow 10 beaders max. 

  • This price includes all the materials needed to finish the project. (Stringing materials, beads, base metals and finishing by your party's host, one of our very talented employees)


Your child will have a choice between three projects.

Although all beaders will be making the same project, the exciting part is that each one will be completely unique!!

Three Stretchy Bracelets

(1) Strung Necklace (with clasp)

Memory-Wire Bracelet (3 coils)

All of these project choices come with a huge party bead selection. Each beader will design their own pattern, using bead styles and color choices of their own choosing.


Please review the below information:

  • Limit of 10 kids per party. We recommend parties for kids 8 and older.
  • You are welcome to bring cake, refreshments and presents!
  • Please keep in mind that our space is small, only allowing room for an extra 1-3 adults to stay with the party.
  • Any items/materials used from the store floor, or any precious metal components, are an added cost. 
  • Typically, beading takes an hour to an hour and a half. You can socialize or celebrate with cake and refreshments during the second half while our party staff finish off your jewelry.
  • Important! Please be aware that since our space is small, children must remain seated when not picking out their beads or once they are finished beading. Although the party takes place in its own little area, it is still near merchandise. 

Again, the cost is:
$75 for room reservation (paid at the time of reservation)
$20/child (paid at the time of the party)

If time allows, you may have some or all of your party string extra stretch bracelets which are an additional $5 per bracelet.

There is plenty of parking at Carr Mill Mall for all of our party guests! Please call us at (919) 933-9439 to book your party today! You can also email us at

*Cancellations are non refundable, but can be rescheduled.*