DIY Bead Bar


One of our most popular sections of the shop is our DIY Bead Bar! 

Our Bead Bar is located in the back of our shop and is where our private lessons and parties take place. However, when it's not in use, anyone is allowed to work there! Customers are free to use our tools (free of charge) and create a one-of-a-kind piece of their own. 

Rules of Bead Bar Use:

  • Private Lessons and Parties have priority. 
  • First come, first serve. It's a good idea to call ahead to make sure of availability.
  • Tools are free to use!
  • If you need assistance finishing a project, added labor costs will apply.
    • If you need heavy assistance, you MUST schedule a private lesson as we typically only have one employee in the shop at a time.
  • We shut down the Bead Bar 30 minutes prior to the shop closing time.
  • An employee has the right to shut down Bead Bar use without warning. 
  • Again. it is always best to call ahead if you know you'd like to use our Bead Bar to make sure it'll be open for use.